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Business card that can be tapped or scanned to go right to your Google Review link.

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How It Works

Using the Card


Card Not Tapping?

Check Your Device Compatibility 

Ensure your smartphone or other device is NFC-enabled. Most smartphones comes with NFC capabilities, but they may need to be turned on.

      Enable NFC on your Device

      Go to settings

      Look for NFC Options, usually in the ‘Connected devices’ or ‘Wireless & Networks’ section.

      Locating the NFC Antenna on Your Device

      Location varies depending on your type of device.

        1. iPhone: Try scanning up near your camera on the top right of your device.
        2. Android: Most are located on the back middle, but depending on the exact device it may vary.

      Unlock Your Device

      Some devices will only read NFC tapping when your device is unlocked.

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