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We are here to help!

Whether you are a long time customer, a new customer or a prospective customer; we are here to help.

We offer real-time support options via phone, email, chat and text during regular business hours.

For 24 hour / after hour support, we accept email and ticket submissions.

Please click one of the items in the list below to see additional contact info.

Pre-Sales Support

If you have any questions or concerns during your sales journey, we are happy to answer any question you have.

We offer non-customers access the same support options that we give our paying customers.  Reach us the way you prefer; call, text, email, snail mail, chat or submit at support ticket to get started.

24/7 Email Support

Submit email requests any time, day or night to sales@ypcmedia, or click here to fill out our form.  Our support team will answer your request by the following business day.

Online Chat Support

We offer online chat support during regular business hours.  Click the chat window in the lower right hand of the page to get started.

We can handle most support issues over chat if that is the way you prefer to communicate.

Phone Support

Call us at (800)-847-9760 during normal business hours to get same day phone service.

If we miss you or you reach us after hours, please be sure to leave a message and an appropriate support member will contact you ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a common question?

We’ve answered a lot of questions over the years. Click on the list below to find answer to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I sign up for new services?

Most of our customers find it helpful to call our office at (800)-847-9760 during regular business hours and a customer success representative will help you tailor your services to your exact needs.

Additionally, we have created an easy to use wizard to walk you through the process.  Click here to get started!

How do I find out how much services cost?

We have created an easy to use digital advertising calculator.  Just follow the wizard and chose your options.  There is no obligation to buy, and we present upfront pricing that’s easy to understand.  Click here to get started!

How do I change / edit my services?

Call, text, email or submit a ticket and a support rep will help you swap or cancel services.

How do I cancel services?

While we hate to see you go, we do make cancellations easy.

You can call us to cancel over the phone, or you can fill  out this cancellation ticket to get started.

Submit Cancellation Ticket

Where is YPC media located?

While we service thousands of customers all across the United States; YPC Media’s headquarters is located in Rochester, NY with additional offices in Charlotte, NC.

Visit our contact page for additional location information.

Can I speak to a live human?

Yes. As long as you reach us during regular business hours, you can reach a real live human to talk to.  We can be reached via email, phone, chat, text or you can even come see us in person (*covid restrictions apply*).


We take billing seriously

If you having issues with making payments or have errors in your billing arrangements, we are here to help.

Most billing issues can be handled over the phone during regular 9am to 6pm business hours or over the web 24 hours a day.

Please click below on the billing issue that we can help you with.

Make a payment

Life can be hard enough. Making payments for things you already purchased shouldn’t be.

We can take payment arrangements over the phone during business hours, or click here to make an online payment 24 hours per day.

Update your card on file

There are 2 ways to update your card on file. You may call us and we can update your card over the phone, or you can update your card via our secure online form.

Dispute a transaction

Disputes are frustrating… but we truly want to help.  We’ve have an A+ BBB accredited business rating for nearly 2 decades and we will make things right.

You can call, text, email or yell as loud as you can to get the process started.  Or click here to put ticket directly into the finance department.

Talk to a human NOW!

We are not like most online marketing companies!

While we want to make sure we put as much technology in place to help you get the support you need; at the core, we are a company run by humans that truly care for our customers. 

Any billing issue you may have is a great concern of ours and we will make getting a resolution our top priority.

So call us, text, chat or email: if you reach us during business hours, you’ll have access to a real live human support rep in whatever way you prefer to be contacted. If you reach us after hours, leave us a message and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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