Our online directory is “where it all began”…YellowPageCity.com started as “the look you know, the results you need”, which mirrored the look of the traditional yellow pages. It has now evolved beyond display ads and phone numbers to becoming the first VIDEO display ad directory in the United States.

The most important information for ensuring your business listing information is found online is an accurate Name, Address, and Phone Number, also referred to as “NAP”. Once Search Engines recognize the consistency and accuracy of your NAP, it will significantly help your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. The Smart Listings Network will synchronize your business listing information on over 50 of the top websites and directories on the internet, hand selected for their SEO value

Give your business listing (or NAP) a boost with even more of the top websites and directories that will have your information up to date and accurate within 48 hours! It’s SEO with a kick, featuring your listing on sites such as Google My Business, Google Plus, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, and many more!

We all know how powerful video is when trying to sell something. Everyone wants their information readily available on the internet when they’re ready to buy! Locopost.com is an online video classifieds site that is SEO friendly and designed for businesses. Sell your overstocks, specials, excess inventory and various brands in one easy to use site at locopost.com!

As an online marketing company, YPC Media has built thousands of websites that help small to medium sized businesses to be found online. The tool that we use to do this is our own proprietary website builder called ipagepro. It is a tailor made template based website program that is SEO friendly and allows for easy “editability”. When your business changes, so should your website and ipagepro makes it easy!

As a company that started out strictly as an online directory in the year 2000, accurate data was vital to our everyday business. It still is 16 years later! Even more so today!! Accurate and complete data is paramount to a lot of businesses success, especially if you are an internet based company. With so many companies to purchase data from, who do you rely on? How about the company that uses the data themselves? And by the way…you only pay for what you need!


It’s important to have a powerful online presence for your business to be successful. Partnered with Better Business Bureaus and Chambers of Commerce nationwide, YPC Media has the experience and expertise to help your business become more visible online. Let YPC Media, your full service marketing partner, take the wheel so you can get back to running your business!

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