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In March 11, 2019
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YPC Media and our family of companies is a proud sponsor of the American Diabetes Association annual Tour de Cure. The date of the event this year is June 8, 2019, and it will start off at the Xerox Complex in Webster. There are opportunities of many types to participate, and the event is for people of all abilities. Participants can choose from 3.5-mile walks and runs, or they can bike one of six well-marked cycling routes that are planned with rest stops, support vehicles and more. At the finish, there is a family-friendly party with live music, inflatables, and food & beverages. Another very important way to participate is by financially supporting the cause through individual and corporate sponsorship.



Participants Sharing Perspectives


Working closely with the ADA’s Kerrie Merz and Nicole Berman, we have videotaped participants and sponsors, created direct mailing and provided digital advertising among other marketing efforts in order spread the word about this truly inspiring event. Two of the riders in the Tour, Claudette Aino and Owen Evans, came into the studio to share their stories, highlighted in the video above. You can follow both of them on Instagram, respectively, at @claudette_RocTour and @owen_RocTour, to learn more about their preparation, goals, and personal connection to the cause.



We also had representatives from UR Medicine and Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield in to talk about their generous sponsorships and what the Tour de Cure means to their organizations. Dr. Susanne Miedlich gave her views from both a professional viewpoint as an Endocrinologist for UR Medicine as well as a rider in the Tour de Cure. From Excellus, we had Chris Gorecki, Senior VP of Finance, frame the organization’s views on the importance of corporate sponsorship and giving back to the community, and Jill Reilly, an Excellus employee and also a ‘Red Rider’ (someone who has diabetes that rides in the Tour de Cure), offer her team member perspective.written form.



Rochester Leads The Way


The Rochester Tour de Cure is currently the biggest in the nation in terms of participation and money raised, a proud testament to the giving hearts and philanthropic spirit of our community. Diabetes is a pernicious and widespread disease that has touched many lives. But after seeing the efforts and determination of the American Diabetes Association and its wonderful event known as the Tour de Cure up close, we at YPC Media, along with our sister company Steven James Media Group and CEO Michael Pavone who stands proudly on the executive board for this event, can’t help but believe that this is a disease that one day will be eradicated.



Stay tuned (and be sure to follow us online) as we switch gears and hear from the perspective of the event’s corporate sponsors and their inspiration behind racing for a cure.





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