Planning Your Presence: Solidifying Your Brand with Social Media Planning Apps

In November 30, 2018
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As a business owner, you have a lot on your radar. Between everything that goes into daily operations, managing employees, and providing the best for your clients, it can be easy for consistent social media posting to slip through the cracks. Fortunately, other business owners have experienced this too and have come up with a solution—the social media planning app. Social media planning apps include desktop or mobile applications that allow users to schedule and execute intentional social media content with just a few clicks. Aside from helping you keep track of the content you’re pushing out to your followers, thus increasing your feed’s consistency, social media calendar apps provide countless benefits when it comes to your brand identity as well. Check out these three major ways taking advantage of a social media planning app can give your branding a boost.


Target Your Intended Audience

Social media planning apps can guide you in answering tough questions about your social media—who is your audience? Where is your audience? And lastly, where is your traffic and engagement coming from? By knowing the answers to these questions, you can more easily tailor your content to target the people who are listening or those you are attempting to attract to your page. Planning apps make it simple to track your account’s metrics, from which posts are giving you the most likes and comments to peak times to post and information about your follower base. This analytics at-a-glance is useful for helping you determine what’s reaching your audience and what’s not, which in the long run will allow you to streamline your content. Aside from strengthening your content’s intentionality, certain planning apps allow you to easily keep track of who is commenting on your posts and which comments you haven’t replied to yet. These personal interactions with your followers are essential in developing dedicated and involved followers, not to mention building to your reputation as a trustworthy brand. With a planning app, you can easily keep track of and reply to comments all in one dedicated area, without the risk of losing a comment in a stream of notifications.

Stay Consistent and Persistent

Your social media presence is an extension of your brand—it’s where your dedicated followers will stay involved and interested potential clients will get connected. Now more than ever consumers are turning to a brand’s social media to learn what they’re all about. Ensure you’re putting quality content out there that is consistent with your brand by planning content out a month or more ahead of time. Luckily, calendar apps make it simple to do so! Some apps will automatically push the posts to publish at the time you have scheduled, and others will send text or email reminders or require just the push of a button from you. Either way, by planning your content in advance, your followers or potential followers are guaranteed to see your brand on social media regardless of how busy things get in the office. Plus, you will never risk rushing content or feeling stressed to produce content as you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. Many planning apps offer both a mobile and desktop platform so you can choose the one that works best for you to organize your content.



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Represent Your Brand Identity

Lastly, creating a content calendar will help you to plan a cohesive feed that best highlights your brand and what your business stands for. With a planning app, you can see how things will look without having to post them first. For visual platforms like Instagram, choosing a feed theme that fits with your branding (including color, atmosphere, values, and more) can help you stay consistent and true to your brand. Aside from enhancing the look of your feed or Instagram grid, being able to view any potential content alongside your current content will help you to stay conscious of how your content fits with your brand. You can then plan your future posts intentionally and easily see how they will represent your business on social media. With certain apps, you can even plan, arrange, and draft captions for your Instagram stories ahead of time as well. Additionally, you can also easily discover, repost, and credit content from other businesses in your community or industry that you want to support, further establishing your brand as investing in the success of your community. By staying organized and consistent, you will reassure your followers that you are a brand that’s sure of who you are.




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