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In September 25, 2018
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It’s hard to compete with major advertising powerhouses like Google and Facebook. Google has the advantage of being the largest search engine and ad platform, and Facebook has more daily users than any other social media. Those two platforms have one other thing in common: Third Party Placement. This means that Facebook and Google ads don’t just live on their respective platforms, they also exist on other sites in their networks. It is important to understand that these Third Party placements exist, because it further adds to the large amount of benefits these ad platforms provide.


Twitter is starting to catch on that these placements are actually mutually beneficial for everyone, and they are starting to expand their reach. This new ad placement, Timeline Ads, will allow publishers to make revenue from timelines embedded on their sites. The revenue generated from these ads will be split between Twitter and the publishers. Timeline Ads boasts 4 ad placements in the top 20 tweets.


Twitter stated to Business Insider:


“We are continuing to evolve and iterate the ways in which we can work with publishers to help them generate revenue through unique real-time content monetization opportunities, on and off platform. We are running an alpha test to explore new channels of demand with OpenX, and are looking forward to seeing how this evolves,”


Similarly to Google Display Network and Facebook Audience Network, Twitter must approve the publishers before gaining access to Timeline Ads. This will allow Twitter to maintain control over where their content is seen, and will give advertisers peace of mind knowing their content won’t be used on inappropriate sites.


Timeline Ads are in Alpha currently, but you can register to be a publisher by clicking here.


Kaelin Richards

Director of Inbound Marketing



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