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In September 7, 2018
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Streams of crisp photos, pops of color, bold visuals to catch the eye— that’s social media, right? It’s true, social media platforms are highly visual – but graphics are not the only way to get there! When used purposefully and with intention, written content is a great tool to create imagery. Here are a few best practices to help supercharge your social media’s written content:


1. Keep it short

Concision is paramount. Readers are scrolling, and won’t stop for long chunks of text. Choose your words carefully and with purpose. Words should be functioning to build the sentence – is each word adding something essential to the message you want to convey? If not, cut it.



2. Spice up your language

Rely on engaging descriptors and snappy phrases to draw in consumers. As with most writing, avoid adverbs – these can always be replaced with a stronger, more vivid verb. Nix those –ly words! Most importantly, focus on how you can appeal to the senses. This will help to paint a picture for the user, and being able to envision something sticks longer than simply talking about it.

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3. Resonate with your audience

Who are you trying to target? What would they be interested in reading? Take your audience into consideration. Adults may want to learn the benefits of a regular oil change, but teenage drivers may just want to know how you can get them the best deal. Provide experiences that will make a user think, “Oh, yeah, I’ve been there!” or “I have that problem, I didn’t know there was someone out there who could help me.” Be general enough to provide a universal experience a user can connect with, but pointed enough that you don’t blend in with the competition.


4. Be specific

What can your business do that others can’t? What is your specific strength, motto, or promise? Generalities don’t exude confidence in your business – including details will set you apart from competitors. For example, “we provide exceptional service!” could be posted by anyone, and a user will not be able to recognize your specific branding when encountering this post. It is always better to provide concrete detail rather than general statements.

5. Consistency, consistency

As a business, your brand is your superpower, and this needs to extend into your written content as well. Keep your phrasing, tone, mottos and values, and hashtags consistent across all platforms. For example, if you pride yourself on educating customers instead of simply providing a service, provide a weekly “tip of the trade.” Rotate between relevant, smart hashtags and #avoid #unnecessary #hashtags (like that!).


Making the Most of Each Platform:



Get creative with how you use words to your advantage on Instagram. This platform is highly reliant on visual cues; however, written content is still important to complement any graphics you post. Keep written content short and impactful. Use words as an instrument of direction for the consumer; what one idea should they be taking away from this photo? What will stick in their heads after they have scrolled away? Instagram users encounter a surplus of content which may or may not be relevant to them—the caption you write is what guides the photo towards relevancy for the user. Below are a few tips to get users to stop scrolling and engage with your posts:


1. Be accessible

Including a written caption to go with your photo helps your content become accessible to all Instagram users, including those who utilize screen reader applications.
This not only helps the social media community become more inclusive, but will also expose your business content to a wider audience.


2. Utilize Instagram stories
Although visual-heavy, Instagram Stories are a great area to incorporate a little bit of branding language and bold color or text. Stories are also a creative way to ensure users are encountering your content in various areas as they navigate through the app. Stories only stick around for 24 hours, but businesses can link out to their website and even save the story in “Highlights” so it is archived on their page for future users to find.

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3. Foster a community

Create an inviting space for your followers by using pronouns like “we” and “us,” taking on a more casual tone, and introducing ways for your followers to get involved and engaged with your business page. The caption text is a great place to do this – ask questions and encourage followers to answer in the comments, ask them to tag your business or use your business hashtag in a post of their own, or encourage sharing of your post in a user’s own Instagram story.



It is often thought that you can play with a little more text on this platform, but a target Facebook post length is actually still fairly short. Keep posts engaging and concise, as long, wordy posts are never going to grab readers. Make sure your words work hard—no fluff! Keep the following in mind to craft a Facebook post made for success:


1. Stay focused

As previously mentioned, writing in generalities will cause your posts to blend within a user’s feed. You want your business to be noticed for what originality it has to offer! To avoid the tempting trap of generalization, build each post around one specific and unique aspect of your business. If you wish to post about a holiday, create relevance by finding a way to draw a connection to your business.

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2. Stay current

Connect with other businesses and keep your followers up-to-date with what’s happening within your field by sharing articles written by other industry leaders. Include a short eye-catching blurb that will prove there’s something valuable to learn, enticing users to click and read the entire article.


3. Don’t forget hashtags

Facebook has hashtags, too! Hashtags are a great way to establish branding and get your business noticed by non-followers, as your posts become searchable when you include hashtags. Incorporating hashtags throughout your sentences will make your posts more conducive to engagement and will help avoid a chunk of hashtags sitting at the end of your post.


Get imaginative

At the end of the day, customers respond to content that is creative, concise, and characteristic of what makes your business distinct. Don’t forget to copyedit – give your posts a read-through before hitting “publish” to ensure your writing is free of grammatical or spelling errors. We know how much your business has to offer. Well-written content will ensure social media users recognize that as well!



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