A Day in the Life of a Paid Advertising Executive

In July 24, 2018
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When I started here back in 2017 as a College Senior, I would have no idea how much I would grow within a company. Being my first “Big Girl” job, I was lucky to be put on the constantly growing Insurance division as a Google AdWords specialist. Working on this team was not too shabby! I came into work every morning to my three monitor computer and more likely than not, there would be food waiting for us. I’m not just talking about your typical coffee and doughnuts; I’m talking about that greasy diner food that we all hate to love.


Through my position on the insurance team I was able to take part in so many amazing opportunities. I’ve been able to attend several conferences, go to incredible trainings, and meet some very inspiring people. One of the highlights of my time spent on this team was a nationwide conference held by YPC Media in Austin, TX. This conference allowed us to really build relationships and form bonds with our wonderful clients.

Customer Relations Department



My normal day to day was spent managing and enhancing clients AdWords and Facebook Ads. This would involve changing budgets, changing keywords and Ad copy, and reporting to clients on the success of their various campaigns. I say was because my position as recently changed, and I’m now the Paid Advertising Executive for YPC Media. As I said before, I never knew how much I would be able to grow within a company in such a short amount of time, and I couldn’t ask for a more supportive environment to work in.


My new day-to-day routine is never the same. This allows me to stay creative in my ad strategies, and motivated to continue to learn. One minute I could be analyzing the success of current campaigns and troubleshooting, the next I’m in the zone researching the latest industry trends. The most satisfying part of my current position is being able to train co-workers on new developments in Google Ads, and best practices.


What’s the best part of my job? No matter what I’m doing, the day seems to go by so fast! There are some days when I look at the clock to find that it’s already 5:30, and I wish the day could be longer!




Julie Ciardi

Paid Advertising Executive



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