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In June 19, 2018
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Twitter can be an intimidating platform for any small business looking to manage their content. The platform has a huge amount of content being posted every second, so making sure you’re staying relevant enough to be seen can be tough. Twitter has come up with a solution for everyone through their new website – Twitter Media.


Twitter Media was designed to help media organizations and publishers get the most out of Twitter, as well as house useful advice for anyone looking to leverage their Twitter account further. The site will include:


  • Best Practices from successful publishers in various fields
  • Latest information about products and features
  • Easy to navigate FAQ’s for content publishers


Twitter states in their announcement


“For the content publishers we already work with, we’re confident our new site can provide answers when you need them and free up time for us to dedicate to bigger, bolder collaborations. And for content publishers that we haven’t yet partnered with, we hope Twitter Media will be a path to developing a closer relationship, introducing you to the work we do and providing inspiration for how you can grow on Twitter.”


Twitter Media can help people who are experienced in curating content for Twitter, but it will also help new publishers who want to make sure their content will be visible and well-received on the platform. Any person running a twitter account for their business should check out this platform, since it will be packed with incredibly useful and inspiring content.


Twitter Media definitely seems like a useful tool for anyone who is interested in creating their own content, but might be having trouble joining the conversation or getting noticed.



Kaelin Richards

Director of Inbound Marketing



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