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In June 6, 2018
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Video is one of the most important, and often times most overlooked aspects of a digital marketing strategy. On top of being highly captivating and engaging, it also helps gain organic exposure on Google and Facebook. Even though it’s incredibly important, some of the reasons people are reluctant to start working on a Video Marketing strategy is because it seems expensive, there’s a lack of equipment, or it’s hard to figure out what kind of videos to make.


Whether you have a video-capable camera or a phone, you can start making videos immediately, and it’s worth it. Here are some best practices to get you started.


Create multiple kinds of videos

When starting your video marketing strategy, it’s important to think of different kinds of content. Commercials, or about us videos are a great place to start, but then you should begin to branch out. Try creating videos talking about what you do, whether it be a specific product or service, or just a quick little tip for your audience. These videos show your potential clients that you’re an expert in your field. Explainer videos are also incredibly important. These can be used to explain a new product or service to your clients. The final type of video that can be very useful for your businesses is a Testimonial Video. These are a great way to showcase your happy clients in an easy to digest medium.



Keep your Videos Relevant

It can be very enticing to create a video that is nothing but entertaining, but it’s important to keep all your video content relevant to your business and beneficial to your audience.



Add Captions

It’s important to add captions to all of your videos. This is not only to make your videos more accessible to people with hearing impairment, but also because 85% of all videos on Facebook are viewed without sound. It’s incredibly simple to add captions to videos; all you have to do it upload the video to Facebook and add Auto Captions. It’s important to go back and edit them, because computer generated captions aren’t always the most accurate. You can also use YouTube caption studio to achieve the same goal.



Keep it short

Sometimes, the most engaging videos are less than 30 seconds long. Social Media videos work best when they’re around 15 seconds long. When you’re creating a video that explains a product or service, try keeping them to under a minute.


Make sure there’s a purpose

Similarly to keeping videos relevant, it’s important to make sure the videos you create are done so to encourage an action. Always add a call to action to your videos. If you want people to call your business, make sure you tell them that. Additionally, your call to actions should seem natural, so make sure your videos are creating a need to fulfill your desired outcome.



Videos can help your business’ online presence immensely. Use the above best practices to determine a direction for your video marketing strategy. If you’re having a hard time figuring out the right kind of videos to make, your social media representative can help you come up with a plan.



Kaelin Richards

Director of Inbound Marketing



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