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In May 29, 2018
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Over the past few years, people have become increasingly aware of the amount of misinformation online. This isn’t a new concept, but it’s easier to find these misleading articles more these days through platforms like Facebook. Since Facebook has been receiving a lot of pressure about making sure they don’t facilitate the spread of false information, they have recently taken steps closer to making sure their platform doesn’t share these fake articles. 

Facebook has recently released a short movie called “Facing Facts”. The video shows how they are acting to stop misinformation and their reasoning behind their actions. Facebook used to believe their mission as a platform was to organize the content that you in some way signed up to see – either by being friends with someone, or liking a page. They were reluctant to get in between the user and their content, but now they have realized that things need to change.



They are currently stuck between two extremes, and are trying to figure out what the best steps are for moving forward. Facebook employees shouldn’t be responsible for reading all content on Facebook to determine whether or not that information is false, on the other hand they can’t just sit back and let this negative content spread across their platform without doing anything about it.


The newest campaign that Facebook has launched is called “News Literacy Campaign”. This will provide people with tips in order for users to catch or spot misinformation and fake articles. They will be sharing this content at the top of News Feeds and in print ads. This initiative is starting in the US but will spread to other countries throughout the year.


“The Community is the best defense against misinformation in the long run, and so by informing the community we can make that defense a little stronger.” – Dan Zigmond Director of Analytics, News Feed


There are several options attached to articles now, like seeing a related story to compare the content, more information about where the article came from, and where it was spread. Putting this information in the hands of users will hopefully help stop the spread of false knowledge, and help users take control of their newsfeed to make their own decisions.


To get a full idea of their initiative to stop misinformation, John Hegeman – Head of News Feed – Came out with a blog called Facing Facts: Facebook’s Fight Against Misinformation



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