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In May 2, 2018
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Since the algorithm change that took place a couple months ago, business pages have been seeing a decline in organic traffic on their pages. There have been several tactics to make sure your business is still visible on Facebook, including using more videos, investing in Facebook Ads, and encouraging your friends and family to share your business content. These have been successful but there is still another tactic you can take advantage of, See First Fans.


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This is an option on every business page. It’s included in the drop down “Following” menu. You can ask your followers to change their status to “See First”, or you can run a competition. If you want to run a competition, just follow these easy rules.



The Post

First, think of something enticing you can give away to whoever wins, like a discount on services or a gift certificate. Then choose how long you want to run the competition for (keep it short, a week is typically a good time frame). Once you have all of those in place you just have to write a post with all the necessary information – how to change the settings, the rules, and what they win. In order for people to be entered they need to comment on the post with a screenshot similar to the one above, showing that they have in fact changed their news feed priority. Make sure you have a captivating graphic to go with it so it stands out in the news feed.




Once you have the post created it is a good idea to boost it. There is a little button at the bottom of the post, and if you boost the content to your followers only then there is a better chance your followers will see your content and enter the contest. This is an optional step but it can really help get you more followers.



A See First Competition can be a fun and engaging way to make sure your followers are still seeing your content organically. If you have any questions about how to run this competition, or how to boost content you can ask your social media representative at YPC Media and they’ll be happy to help.




Kaelin Richards

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