7 Reasons to Boost your Content

In May 1, 2018
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Boosting content is a quick and effective way to make sure people are seeing the content on your Facebook page. After Facebook announced the Friends and Family News Feed Initiative a few months back, there has been quite a bit of buzz about the topic. A lot of businesses are boosting every post on their page in order to make sure it’s seen, but that isn’t always the best practice. Below are some examples of the best kinds of content to boost.


Sales/Special Offers

This can be the most effective type of boosted content. Any time your business is doing any sort of offer, whether it be for a holiday or some sort of milestone, that content should be boosted. This will give that content a lot more impressions and will provide a sense of urgency for your consumers to convert.




Facebook Contests are a great way to drive engagement on your page, but in order for them to be successful people need to see them. If you put a couple dollars towards that content, your reach will grow and people will engage with it.



Sudden Closures

If for some reason you need to close your business early, or for a couple of days, it’s a good idea to make sure people know. Be sure to include when you will be open again or how to reach the business in case of emergency if applicable. This doesn’t apply to holiday hours, if your business is closed for any holidays, you should let your social media representative know so they can update those hours across your various platforms.



New Product/Service

When your business releases a new product or service, this could be a great time to show off by boosting that content. In this case, boosting for a longer amount of time is typically good practice (maybe a few weeks).




In order to get more sales for a certain product or service, it could be good to do a product spotlight on it. This content works very well when boosted. Make sure you explain all the positive aspects of the product/service and maybe even give some sort of small promotion for it. If you have a video, that’s even better!



Video Content

Video has a high rate of engagement on any social platform. If you have a video, make sure people see it.



Charity/Local Events

If your business is fundraising for a charity, or sponsoring a local event it’s a good idea to make sure that content is boosted. You’ll be able to show that you are engaging with the local community which people like, and if it is a charity fundraiser then you’ll be able to get more people to donate.



When boosting content make sure that you have striking visuals in your posts, and that you have no spelling or grammatical errors. This is especially important if you’re boosting your content to people who don’t otherwise follow you, since that could be the first impression your business makes. If you have any questions, or want more tips on boosting content, your social media representative at YPC Media is more than happy to help.




Kaelin Richards

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