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In April 9, 2018
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Chat features on websites have become increasingly common in the past few years. They can be used in any sort of capacity, whether it be for customer service, or for helping consumers navigate a site easier. These chats can be bots with premade answers, or actual humans that are able to answer more complicated questions and complaints. But are chats actually beneficial for your business?


It’s important to think about your consumers, and the kinds of people that are currently using your website. Over the past few years, people have become more and more impatient while searching the web for information. This is especially true when it comes to customer service. People are no longer interested in sending an email and hopefully hearing back 24 hours later. Most people do not want to pick up the phone, especially if your target demographic is under 35. You need to make sure there is an immediate solution for your consumers without the possibility of being stuck in a recorded phone system, this brings us to Chat. If you don’t have a chat feature on your website, not only will you start to fall behind your competition, but you will most likely lose business.


Online Marketing in general is valuable because it can give you a large amount of stats for your business, and can really track how your efforts are working. This is also true for chat features. Businesses are able to get a large amount of valuable stats about every aspect of your website. You can see if there are specific parts of your websites that aren’t very user-friendly, hard to navigate, or are poorly worded. That data, if used, can help decrease future loss of clients. Additionally you can get feedback on your customer service representatives. Most chat services have a feedback section once the conversation has ended, and they are usually so quick to fill out that most people supply feedback.


Chat features are great at bringing you and your clients closer together. People will begin to trust your business a lot more, and you will get valuable consumer feedback from those interactions. It’s been proven that having a chat feature on your website can also increase conversions. This is due to all the factors above. Being able to improve the customer experience and guide users through the buying process through the use of the chat feature will lead to more sales.


At YPC Media, we are now offering a chat management product with our trained and experienced chat representatives. By signing up for this product we will handle the code and the customer service. This means you don’t have to train your own employees, or try to figure out how to get the feature on your website yourself. We also know your time is valuable, which makes it hard to have the time to respond to all the requests coming through. Let us handle it all for you!


Chat features on websites have been popping up all over the place, but for very good reason. The longer you go without a chat feature on your website, the more clients you will potentially lose. If you want to know more about chat, or how you can get our brand new chat product, how about you talk to one of our friendly chat representatives below? You can speak to our team, and they will be able to help you out.




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