My Path to a Career in Graphic Design

In April 2, 2018
Social Media


My entire life I knew I wanted a career in the arts. I was never great at math, or science, or school in general, my main focus was always on what I could create next, and getting those ideas in my head onto paper.


Throughout high school I focused my efforts on art. By the time senior year rolled around I was focused on getting my portfolio together for college so I could finally grow as an artist. Luckily, I got accepted to Nazareth College of Rochester, where I started as a Studio Art major. During my second semester I switched my major to Visual Communication Design since computer art has always fascinated me, I knew that I wanted to learn more. During my time at Nazareth, I focused a lot on illustration and graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication Design.


About a year after graduating I got a job here at YPC Media, which I really owe all to my best friend/”little brother” Jess LaBella (check out the Home Services Spotlight). Jess started working at YPC Media a couple months before I did as a Social Media Specialist and when he heard that there was a position open in the production department, he urged me to apply. A couple weeks and 2 interviews later, I was offered a position as a New Media Designer. I’ve been with YPC Media for almost a year now and while my main job is being a designer, I’ve also gotten the chance to work on some awesome projects and animate a couple videos, which is a huge passion of mine.


When looking back there are 5 major tips that I’d give to anyone that is on a similar path.


1. It’s okay to not know which direction you’re going to take. While in school, I was set on being an animator, however, when I finished school I wasn’t too sure that’s still what I wanted to do. Take your time, you could still end up in the same place, but there might be a couple more steps along the way.


2. Everything was created with a designer behind the project. Buildings, signs, cars, the Dunkin Donuts cup with your morning coffee in it. Take a moment to look at the details and the way something was created, even if it’s an awful design. Mentally note why you like or don’t like a certain design and keep learning from the environment around you.


3. There will always be a need for designers. Finding a job in the field you majored in is hard, but the demand for designers will never go away.


4. Not everyone is going to like your ideas and that’s okay. Not everyone has the same amazing taste you have. You’re just going to have to educate the world on why your design is the best.


5. Have projects outside of work. Make sure that you’re doing something that you’re passionate about, but that doesn’t require your boss saying yes or no to the ideas you put down.


Being a designer can be one of the most rewarding career paths around, especially as a creative person. It can be a little discouraging or even scary at times but it’s all worth it. I’m glad I stuck with my dream and managed to find a position at such a wonderful company.


Maegwin Struble-Albrecht

New Media Designer



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