A Day in the Life of a New Media Designer

In March 21, 2018
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Hi – my name is Donna and I am a New Media Designer. I am also the Team Leader for the New Media Design team which means that I work with all the designers at YPC Media. Here is a typical Monday….


7:00 – Alarm goes off, snooze button is hit – repeat until 7:45.


7:45 – Cat needs to be fed, watered, and played with and I need to get ready for work.


8:15 – Leave the house to be at work for 8:30 – minor road rage ensues as I blast Slipknot to complete the waking up process.


8:30 – Clock in, boot up the computer, make a cup of tea – honey, no milk – and check emails.


9:00 – Check the queues of my team members and make sure that they are all caught up on their work, go through my own queue and make sure that my clients are happy, and everything is running as it should be.


10:30 – Tackle all emails that have been flagged, set up client meetings, answer client and co-worker questions, ask my own questions, make any changes to websites that have been requested by clients or co-workers.

Customer Relations Department
Photo Booth Fun at the Holiday Party.



11:30 – Review queues of all the designers, start assigning them work to do – this is basically like playing a human game of Tetris. You need to make sure that you are assigning the work to the best designer for that particular job, whether it is a new custom website, a renewal ipage website, social media graphics or logo creation. Led Zeppelin is usually playing in the background, or a podcast about serial killers – depends on the day….


12:30 – Check emails again, answer the quick ones, make sure that you are still on track for getting stuff done for the day.


1:00 – LUNCH TIME!! Usually spent in my car reading a book (currently reading: Treason’s Shore by Sherwood Smith) and listening to music (Stone Sour, Greta Van Fleet, Shinedown, Highly Suspect, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters…)


2:00 – more emails…


2:30 – IDEALLY I am doing website management at this time, reaching out to clients to see if they need their website updated, if they have any new pictures to add to the site, news and events etc. I would then go and make those changes, run all updates needed on the WordPress site, and put together a client report for the month. I have about 50 clients that this needs to be done for every month. What I also could be doing in this time period is creating a training document on how to transfer a domain name, helping to set up client emails, taking phone calls about websites and assuring a client that yes, Google DOES care about your site being mobile friendly, helping co-workers fix that one bit of CSS code that just does not want to do its job, or asking a fellow team member what the best course of action should be for a client’s social media.


6:00 – Time to go home, have dinner with the husband and draw a mermaid because it’s Monday!




Donna VanGlad

Team Leader



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