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In March 16, 2018
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Google – Musician Update

Google’s most recent update is centered on musicians. Musicians will now be able to post directly on Google using the Google Post feature. This will allow them to add updates about their upcoming events and projects with a more personal touch.

Google says this new feature will be available for all musicians granted they meet their various requirements. This is a very exciting update for both musicians and consumers because you will be able to quickly see important updates from your favorite artists, and artists will be able to interact more directly with fans that don’t otherwise follow their social platforms.



Facebook – Voice Clips

In Facebook’s constant desire to try and get more users to post updates on their platform they are testing out something new – Voice Clips. These would be status updates in the form of an audio clip, instead of written word. Facebook’s thinking behind this new update is that it will be a way for people to quickly share with the added benefit of not having to type.

It’s also important to note that according to research, spoken queries are more popular among younger users, and Facebook is constantly trying to capture the attention of a younger audience.



Instagram – Voice and Video Calling

Could Instagram Video and Voice Calling be coming in the near future?
TechCrunch believes so! They have found files in Instagram’s code that suggest it’s not only a possibility, but something that could be coming in the near future. This would be a way to enhance the platform’s already popular direct message capability, and will allow users to connect in real time.

There is no guarantee that this new feature will actually be released, but it’s definitely fun to speculate about the possibilities. It would only make sense, since other social platforms allow for audio messages, calling, and sometimes video calling already.



Twitter – Twitter Cracks Down

Bots have been a problem on Social Media since the beginning, but recently there has been a lot of news about misinformation being spread through the use of bots. This current mass press has sparked a fire in Twitter and they have sprung into action to try and stop this behavior.

Twitter is cracking down on spam violations, like one person creating multiple accounts in order to inflate their presence on the platform. They also don’t want accounts posting identical or similar content to multiple accounts at the same time. Twitter is trying to make sure their platforms are being used in the way it was initially intended; one user, posting original and organic content. Check out
Twitter’s Blog for more information.



Snapchat – Tag your Stories

It is no secret that Instagram and Snapchat play off of each other. Snapchat created their Stories feature, and Instagram followed not too far after. Now Snapchat is borrowing from a popular update from Instagram – the ability to tag other users in stories.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram says they are testing out this new feature but didn’t give information as to when this would be readily available. This would be a great update for users and marketers alike because it would allow for a lot more collaborations and shout-outs by creators.




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