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In March 15, 2018
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Valentine’s Day Charity Carnation Sale – featuring Lana Schultz


Sometimes it can be difficult to see the true value of posting holiday related content on your business social network or blog, but it can be a very good approach to connect with your clients online. I’m not talking about short little posts that say “Happy Pi Day” or using a premade graphic to share your holiday sentiment. I’m talking about finding aspects of your business and using them to create engaging and relevant content for holidays.



There are a ton of National Holidays every month from National Taco Day (October 4th – I’m personally very excited for this one) to National Hug a Plumber Day (April 25th). Pick and choose maybe 1 to 3 a month that are either fun or relevant for your industry and start planning your content early. When you begin to plan keep these key points in mind:


Be genuine

Use your internal resources

Have fun with the post

Think outside of the box



Since yesterday was Pi Day and I have pie on the mind, let’s go over some ways you have fun with your social media content using Pi Day as an example.


Pie Baking Contest

Show off your employees by having them bring in a pie. You can take photos of people with their entries, you can take photos of your company enjoying them, and you could even make a quick little video showing off the event. The options are endless!



Audience Participation

Use your audience on social media, and ask them to participate in polls about their favorite pies, or whether or not quiche could be considered a savory pie.



Gather Input from your Employees

If you don’t have a very engaged audience on social media, you can talk to your employees about submitting their favorite pie flavors, and then it could be made into a simple and effective graphic, or you could even use their professional headshot in a graphic to show off their pie preference.


Side Note: anything you do with your employees is a plus, since you can tag the individuals involved to increase your organic reach.



Those are just a few examples of how you can interact with a popular holiday, but there are many more options, so just have some fun! If you’re struggling to come up with a way to get your employees or audience involved then it might not be a great holiday for you to showcase.



Let’s take a look at some holidays we’ve created social content for in the past. For the Christmas Season we thought we would create a video that was a little bit out of the box. We had Jess LaBella star as the Elf on a Shelf as he goes to Therapy (Therapist played by Na’eema Morrow). This video was meant to take a Christmas tradition and have a little bit of fun internally with it. We also did a few different things surrounding Ugly Sweater Day including a DIY Sweater Video and a company Holiday Card wearing our ugliest sweaters.



Halloween was a holiday that we decided would be a big event here. In the past we’ve done costume contests and desk decorating contests, but last year we decided to bump it up a notch with a pumpkin decoration contest. Even though this seems similar to what we’ve done in the past we made a clear change in how we went about this contest. Instead of having an internal vote, we opened it up to our clients and social media followers.



Each department was responsible for a pumpkin, so as a team they developed a concept and then a week before Halloween we went around with a camera and made quick videos of each one. Customer Relations (now the professional and home services teams) did a boomerang of a pumpkin at a Halloween party, Tech made a fully functional game console to play retro games like Super Mario Bros, and Research & Development made a light show Angler Fish pumpkin with a real fish inside. We asked for people to vote for their favorites by liking and sharing the content and we got a lot of engagement on those posts.



Holidays can be a great way to connect with your audience, so start posting! I’m off to go eat leftover pie.



Kaelin Richards

Social Media Research & Development



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