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In February 27, 2018
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Over the last few days a new Social Media app has taken over – step aside Facebook, and everyone say hello to Vero! What is it about this platform that has caught so many people’s attention recently when it was launched in 2015? Let’s take a look at what really sets Vero apart from other social media platforms.




The team behind Vero built it in a way to really mimic the way people communicate. It’s meant to be a true social media platform. When you join you can start adding “connections” into different categories – Acquaintance, Friend, or Close Friend. This anonymous categorization of your connections makes complete sense, because we all talk to different people in different ways depending on how close we really are to them. Instead of hesitating when creating a post because you’re not sure if everyone will care, you can now post it to people you KNOW will care.



When you create a post you can share a photo, link, music, movie/TV show, book, or a place. Once you write your post you can then dictate who sees it by selecting one or all of the connection categories available. When posting a photo, you have similar editing options as you do with Instagram, so you can still edit the photo in the app itself. Once you’ve posted, your content is filtered in your collections feed which classify your posts based on type.



One thing that immediately caught my attention when I downloaded the app was how beautiful it is. The tutorial section alone was smooth and visually interesting. The background isn’t a solid black or white so it doesn’t get boring to look at for too long. It’s definitely designed to keep you there and engaged for a long time.


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The developers intend for their users to use it for more than just posting, and a design like this will definitely keep people around. You can listen to music or buy products without ever leaving Vero. The app also has features people have come to expect from a social platform like notifications, and chat.



The biggest difference between Vero and other social platforms is the lack of ads. For most users this is a much needed relief. On top of the fact that you won’t be seeing unsolicited content, this also means that there is no need for an algorithm, or a need for consumer data collection. This does leave people suspicious though, because how can a social network function without ads? Subscriptions. Vero has waived the annual subscription fees for life for the first million users, but if you don’t act fast you will have to pay to be a part of the community. Additionally a transaction fee will be added for merchants when they sell via the “Buy Now” option on the platform in order to generate more revenue for the developers.



The search feature itself is pretty interesting; you can really pinpoint what you’re looking for at any given moment. You can search for people directly or you can search for hashtags. However, there is so much more you can find like videos, music, movies, books, and places. Play around and you can find some interesting stuff.


All this sounds great right? Well there are some major things getting in the way of its success right now.


One thing that everyone is complaining about right now is all of the bugs. This app is currently the #1 social media app on the app store, and has really seen a spike in users so it’s to be expected that now the problems are really starting to show. They are working on fixing the bugs that develop overtime though so that’s not a long term problem. The other major issue is the amount of people that just joined. I know when I was playing around in the app I encountered server errors several times which is incredibly frustrating.


After playing around on the platform, a few questions still remained. How many social media networks do we all really need? I have a hard enough time fitting in personal social media into my day with the platforms I currently have. Will this really be enough of an improvement that it will take over my need for the other networks? Will this eventually take over the giant that is Facebook? Especially since people have been quickly jumping on this platform since it solves many of the problems people have with Facebook and Instagram at the moment. Will people actually be willing to pay a subscription for another Social Media account? All I know is I’m excited to see what happens and I need to get back to exploring what Vero has to offer.


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