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In February 19, 2018
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Over the past year, Facebook has been trying to motivate users to post more content by creating more engaging features for users to interact with. Some of these new options include Polls, recommendations, and colored backgrounds to personalize messages. Users have been using these features regularly as it makes it easier for people to create the kinds of personalized content they have always wanted. Polls allow for users to ask questions and get real answers from other users, and Recommendations provide users with crowd-sourced information about businesses they can trust.

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As a means to get more engagement on the platform, Facebook is continuing to grow the large amount of options available for status updates. It was just released that they will begin to roll out a new List feature. This new feature will allow users to create colorful lists to share with their friends. This is the biggest change to status updates since the launch of Colored Backgrounds, which are now over a year old. Facebook created this new feature to give an easy way to create the kind of content users were already trying to create.



These lists have customizable color backgrounds, and you can even add emoji’s. Facebook is hoping these lists could be copied by friends to start a dialogue about the list, and open it up to further conversation. These lists can be To-Do lists, places people want to travel, date night activities, favorite brands or businesses, and essentially anything that can be put in list form.



Facebook wants to get back to what the platform did best – allow users to share personal updates. Since the platform’s creation, users have started to distance themselves from personal content and have instead been posting videos, articles, memes, and business updates. Adding features like lists is a way that Facebook thinks it will be able to encourage the kind of behavior they want to see more. These features are also created in hopes of encouraging younger users to join the platform.


This feature is still not available to everyone yet, the slow release started on February 13th.

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