From Departments to Teams

In February 1, 2018
Social Media


At YPC Media, we work with a large amount of businesses of all different varieties. This meant the people creating content for these businesses could go from talking to an Employment Lawyer, to an Auto Repair shop an hour later.


For the past year we have been watching the success of our Insurance Team, which is a group of Account Managers, Marketing Consultants, Ad Specialists, and Social Media Managers that all work together. They have been able to streamline the process to keep the customer happy and collaborate on what works best for that industry.

We wanted to be able to provide that type of collaboration and attention to detail to all of our clients and industries, so what used to be the Customer Relations Department, and the Production Department has now come together and split up into industry and job specific teams. People are now allowed to be more focused in their work, and the type of business they work with. For any organization a change in structure can result in a very difficult transition, however not only did the amazing group of people here adapt to the change quickly, but they are thriving in this new structure.

This change has also allowed people creating content for our clients to work with them from start to finish. This allows the Marketing Consultant and the client to form a close bond, and really make sure the business owner knows who their go to person is within the company. We are excited to see these teams continue to grow, and hear all the ideas that are coming out of this close representative to business relationship.


Over the next few months we will be running Team Spotlights to introduce these teams and introduce the amazing people who work every day to make sure we make 2018 the Year of the Customer.


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