A Day in the Life of a YPC Intern

In July 21, 2017
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Snooze alarm for 6:30. And 6:45. Aaand 7:00.

Start the coffee, eat a bagel, put on mascara while simultaneously slipping on shoes and packing my bag.

Wonder how I will survive teaching a lab at 8:00 a.m. next semester…

Make it to the office by 8:52 after a stop at Dunkin, clock in, settle at the little interns’ “island” in the Customer Relations department.

Open up my queue, the CSV generator, Adobe Spark, Canva, try not to wonder if anyone else is already thinking about what to eat for lunch, begin writing social posts for the first customer.

Walking through the (wrong, oops) door on my first day at YPC, I had no idea what to expect.



When I had received a call from YPC in early May asking me to come in for an interview, I had been sitting in a college computer lab that was completely empty besides me, a half-eaten bag of popcorn, and 13 pages of a 30-page term paper. I may or may not have done a little happy dance down the rows of computers before the “realness” of a possible internship set in. Growing up and going to college in two small towns, the thought of living and working in Rochester was a total unknown, though completely exciting. My last job had allowed me to work from home—this would be my first time setting foot in a real office setting.



During the interview, I forgot what Cinco de Mayo was (“Tell us an example of a social post you could write for May 5?”) and thought I may have completely blown it.


A few days later, while I was on my way to an exam, I received another call asking me if I would like to take the internship. Of course, I said, ecstatic, yet suddenly scrambling to find a place to live, finish the semester, and move my life to a new city.

Customer Relations Department
Having fun in the Customer Relations Department.


Now, after being at YPC for two months, I think back to all that I did not know that morning in May as I walked to take a test about viruses. As a double major in English and Biology, I came in knowing next to nothing about sales, marketing, or media. Now, even from just being in the CR office every day watching the social media specialists work, I’ve picked up so much—how to work through the back end of Facebook and Google, SEO, social posts and call-to-actions, creation of graphics and utilizing reviews and just how much goes into the creation, production, and maintenance of a client’s online presence.


When I first began drafting this post, I thought I would focus on these things, the more technical aspects of production and what it means to produce social media content. After all, that is what I have done for the past two months. However, as I sit down to write, what comes to mind most prominently is what I’ve learned about work environment, and its importance, its influence on any experience as an intern.


So, here’s a real glimpse into a day (or 60) in the life of an intern at YPC Media.


A day in the life of a YPC intern is pooling money to order Panera for lunch to brighten up a Monday, playing kickball with your coworkers on a Wednesday night, receiving flowers from the office for your birthday, it’s collaboration and always knowing you have someone who will willingly help you when you’re stuck. It’s putting up a giant chalkboard calendar together and talking about what’s new in the social media world and ringing the gong when something good happens. It’s having conversations with new people from every department every day, it’s inside jokes and more food and making real connections with those around you.


At YPC, the work ethic is definitely there, the passion, the knowledge for what we do is there, but what really stands out is the community. Coming in as an intern—and realizing the stereotype of interns oftentimes being treated as the “odd one out”—I did not expect to be so quickly welcomed and accepted into the YPC family, to be included and to find friends in so many coworkers. I feel truly lucky to have been introduced to the business world by a company like YPC Media, one that makes it so hard to leave, but so grateful to be a part of this family.



Madison Wayland

Customer Relations Intern



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