Start Early and Plan Your Spring Time Landscaping Project

In January 9, 2017

Winter may just be getting started now, so it may seem silly to think so much now about preparing your property for spring. But if you think about it, what’s there in the winter shapes what you get in the spring to a fairly large extent. The conditions of the present always tend to play a big role in how the future goes. Here are a few ways to ensure your yard will be ready to celebrate the warm season when the sun is ready:


  • “Heads-up” the sources: Snowy Yard

Some seeds need to spend a good long while in a chilly environment before they can develop into strong, colorful plants. Some don’t even need water; you can just drive them into the soil. Ask a professional landscaper about the best time-frames for planting.


  • Study the enemies:

The days may be very cold now, cold enough to make the smallest and skinniest living things feel like ice. But that doesn’t mean there are no bugs to be found. Some pests are actually more sensitive to warmer temperatures, while others hibernate during the cold season. So watch out, and get some netting if you must.


  • Check the compatibility:

Much like the human body, plants, trees and such react differently to different environments. Not every part of a geographical region is quite the same, nor is every place within each part; houses can have different amounts of surrounding trees, some places are closer to the lake (consider the term “lake effect snow”), etc. Plant nurseries and landscaping contractors can help you figure out what matches and what doesn’t.


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