YPC Media Year-In-Review

In December 30, 2016
YPC Media Year-In-Review

As I write this, I find myself in a bit of disbelief that I’m looking at the final days of the year. 2016 is almost history, how did that happen? And then I get a bit reflective, my mind spinning its own version of MTV’s “Year-In-Review” complete with music, highlights, and our own “In Memoriam”. I’ll start by acknowledging the most impactful event of 2016 here at YPC Media which was the loss of our Founder & CEO, Steven Pavone. His presence was always very dramatic in our building, you knew the moment he walked through the door, without speaking a word. His absence is just as palpable. However, Steve wouldn’t want us to focus on that…he would want us to focus on the “highlight reel” because 2016 had plenty of them!


The start of 2016 was celebrated by our first “Million Dollar Month” EVER!
This was a long standing goal of Steve’s and not only was he able to witness this feat once, but again in March! What makes a million dollar month so incredible you ask? How about the fact that almost 100% of our sales take place over the phone via a shared screen webinar! The amount of trust we have built with our customers and partners is nothing short of awesome. We added 4 more BBB partners in 2016 and we’re getting ready to launch New Hampshire in January 2017.


The momentum we experienced in first quarter continued and we even broke our company record in August with the biggest month in the history of YPC Media. What better way to honor our Patriarch than to record our biggest month EVER? To accommodate our growth, we were able to launch a brand new Customer Relations Department that is focused on researching and delivering new online products to our customers. They’re the nucleus that ensures our customers understand what they purchased and that we’re doing what we said we would do! 2016 was also our 7th consecutive year as a “Rochester Top 100” company. This distinction is awarded by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce based on year to year revenue growth…do you notice a theme here?


So guess what our focus will be for 2017? YOU, our customers. Because when we focus on you, we all win and quite frankly, I LOVE to win, don’t you? Happy New Year from all of us at YPC Media!!



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