With Changing Seasons, Pests Are More Likely to Seek Out Shelter Indoors. How to Take Precautions Against This

In September 9, 2016

It won’t be much longer before the weather gets real chilly. Pests can get just as uncomfortable in really low temperatures as you can, so it’s normal for them to attempt to get into an enclosed space such as a house for shelter.


Of course, having pests inside your house can make you vulnerable to miserable illnesses and even respiratory conditions. So here are some tips on how to defend yourself:


  • One-way system:Pests


Most people rely on gaps around their doors and windows for fresh air. However, these gaps are the usual way bugs break in. Screened in doors and windows will allow you to feel the outdoors without allowing intruders indoors.



  • Making things less obvious:


The bigger a single pile of trash, the easier it is for bugs to find. Even your trash throughout the house should be organized according to the proper trash disposal methods. Store food scraps in a receptacle in the kitchen, soap bottles in the bathroom, etc.


  • Border control:


Pests often sneak into houses through the base, because it’s right by the ground where they live. Keep the home’s foundation as dry and clear as possible. Don’t leave stuff like wood and fertilizer too close by the structure; that can easily attract them.


  • Enlisting reinforcements:


There are quite a few large animals that find nourishment in insects. Some animals get most of their nutrition from them. Try setting up comfortable habitats—a bird nest, a frog pond, or whatever—for some critters to hang around and wipe out some of the intruders.


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