It’s Not Lonely at the Top

In August 26, 2016
YPC Media's Headquarters in Rochester, NY

Behind every product, behind every sale, and behind every Media Consultant here at YPC Media, there is a vision that we carry on from our Founder and CEO, Steven J. Pavone that we stand behind each and every day. That vision is to create affordable online solutions for small to medium sized businesses so that they can be found on the internet and remain competitive in the ever changing business world. This has been a difficult year for us here at YPC Media as we said good bye to our Patriarch that we lost to cancer on July 3rd. In his short 58 years, Steve built a business that now employs over 70 talented individuals in our sales, tech, production, customer relations, and administration departments. He was proud of our distinction as a Rochester, NY “Top 100 Company” for 6 consecutive years, and the fact that we are a BBB Accredited Business that is partnered with several Better Business Bureaus across the country. We now look to honor Steve by carrying on his vision that is being led by Steve’s Brother, Mike and two Nephews, Michael and James Pavone.


Whether your last name is Pavone or not, you’re one of the family when you work for YPC Media! However, today we’d like to introduce you to our fearless leaders starting with Michael E. Pavone, our President and CEO. Michael was the CEO for the Pavone Family’s flooring store for 34 years before Michael fell in love with his Uncle’s fast paced technology company and as they say, “the rest is history”. When not vision casting our next product or partnership, you can find Michael leading his church as an Elder at Lakeshore Community Church or enjoying a round or golf with family & friends.


An image of the owners of YPC Media, an online marketing company that has been a a Rochester, NY “Top 100 Company” for 6 years in a row!
Uncle Mike, James and Michael Pavone at our annual company picnic.

Michael’s Brother, James Pavone is our Chief Financial Officer. “Jimmy” was also an owner of the Carpet and Flooring store that the Pavone family sold in 2014 as a result of YPC’s rapid growth. His title is pretty self-explanatory, but we’re proud to say he’s also “Executive Producer”, and we’re not talking about our Sales Department either! James has produced two Motion Picture films, King’s Faith in 2014 and Wildflower released earlier in 2016. Not only does James oversee our finances, he is an integral part of our growth in the Production and Customer Relations Departments here at YPC Media.


Uncle Mike or “Unc” as we like to call him, is our Secretary and Treasurer. He’s also in charge of Research and Development. As most of us like to say, “Uncle Mike can do whatever he wants!” and most of the products and services that we come to offer through our sales department are a result of Uncle Mike’s tireless “recon”. This is also a result of Uncle Mike being Steve’s most trusted Advisor. If Uncle Mike felt we should look into something or dig deeper, Steve listened. Our partnership with Yext is a direct result of Uncle Mike’s recommendation to offer our Business Listings Management products to our customers in addition to our new Testimonials feature in our directory. In a nutshell, we give Uncle Mike 5 Stars…I’m sure his Brother would agree.


In closing, we honor Steve by continuing the YPC Legacy with a spirit of integrity and unrelenting drive, being carried forward by Michael, James, and Uncle Mike Pavone. Next week you’ll meet the Soldiers on our management team that are also part of the YPC “Famiglia”. Cheers & God Bless!



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