3 Tips on How to Stay Organized During a Move

In August 24, 2016

Switching homes can be complicated, since you’re pretty much living the same way as before, only in a different location. There are so many expensive and heavy objects to be hauled the whole way to your new place, it can be nearly impossible to count them.


However, there are a few ways you can make it fat less complicated to get everything in place after the move:


  • Coding:

 Moving Boxes

Artificial Christmas trees have colored tape on the branch handles to designate which section each branch belongs in; they’re organized into color groups. You can use the same basic strategy with your boxes.


For example, you could put green tape on each box of kitchen stuff, a black piece on living-room boxes, etc. This will also help the moving crew when they’re unloading the truck; the weight of all those objects really adds up, so you might not want to carry everything in yourself.


  • Illustrating: 


Visually seeing the most specific details often helps people prepare for the soonest demands or needs. Imagine how after arriving and lugging a few things around, you may want to stretch a little while.


Maybe you’d prefer that break to be shorter so you can finish up before it gets really dark. So before you tear anything down, photograph each room to instantly remind yourself how everything’s normally organized.


  • Saturating:


Boxes can get rotated if the people handling them feel their weight taking a big enough a toll on their arms. If you’ve got a label on only one side of each box and this happens, it may take you extra time and energy to set up your new home.


Mark every single side of every box with an image covering most of the area, so you can recognize the category of the box’s contents in a blink, regardless of its standing position.


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