is now a VIDEO Directory

In August 19, 2016
YPC Media's directory product, YellowPageCity, is now a video directory!

When we launched our directory product, in the year 2000, we designed it as “the look you know, the results you need”. Sixteen years ago, the traditional yellow pages were the advertising medium most people would turn to when seeking local businesses. This was also when the internet started to change our way of life and our Founder, Steven Pavone had the vision to create an online version of the yellow pages, giving life to our legacy product, Fast forward to 2016, and we’ve evolved beyond your standard full color display ads and bold listings that would consume the majority of your advertising budget. We’ve recently launched one of the first directories of its kind, launching a VIDEO directory that will bring this powerful means of connecting with your customers to


An example of Cortland Dental’s :30 second high definition video! (Cortland Dental is a customer of YPC Media.)

Whether you purchase an 1/8th page ad in our directory or a full page ad, it will now include a :30 second high definition video! When potential customers are seeking a local business in one of our 2600 directories nationwide, they will still find full color display ads in the heading of their choice, but NOW when you “mouse over” the ad, it will reflect a “Play Button” that will give you the option to watch a video on that business. With a full service production staff here at YPC Media (’s parent company), we’ll make sure that your script, photos, and overall message are reflective of who and what you are as a business, without breaking the budget!


One question we’re often asked is “Who owns the video?” You do!! Once you pay for your advertising with YPC Media, you own the rights to your video and we encourage you to utilize it as much as possible! Video is a powerful medium and we create it to be broadcast ready, meaning you can run it on Broadcast TV & Cable, your website, social media, and more…


We’re excited to offer this feature in our directory,, and we hope you’ll incorporate the power of video into your online presence. Search Engines love video and I’m sure your future customers will too! Feel free to contact us with any questions and as always…thank you for making YPC Media your “Total Online Solution”!!



It’s important to have a powerful online presence for your business to be successful. YPC Media has the experience and expertise to help your business become more visible online. Let YPC Media, your full service marketing partner, take the wheel so you can get back to running your business!

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