Why Signage is Important to Your Business

In August 9, 2016

Essentially, a sign is a display of information; it’s there to give you knowledge that just might come very well in handy for you.


If not for that big red octagon at that intersection, you probably wouldn’t have thought to stop before turning. If that circle with the slash had never been drawn in that hotel hallway, you probably would’ve chosen to smoke in an area where it could’ve harmed others.

Business Signs


Nearly four in five first-time visits to companies have been influenced by signage, with nearly three in four people spreading the word about businesses they’ve visited simply based on that. About 67% have claimed that a sign was their main motive in purchasing a product.


Signage can rapidly draw attention toward one’s business because there are so many different places you can place them. People see informative signs of all kinds almost everywhere they go on a daily basis, from traffic lights on the street, to “hours of operation” schedules on front windows, to “maximum occupancy” notices inside buildings.


Signage is all about clarity. It’s about concisely explaining what you need and/or would want to know about a person, place or thing.


Because the necessary equipment is so transportable, people can go about their normal business with minimal delay, quickly getting decent glimpses of all the key details about companies they could benefit from.


Of course, as almost every company understands, words alone aren’t enough to intrigue most potential consumers. The majority of people are so visually oriented, they prefer to see colorful and creative images connected to the informative words being used.


For example, logos are designed to help audiences tell businesses apart and guess what they might be about. Shapes, patterns, fonts and many other factors have powerful ways of implying certain philosophies and perspectives for creating products and organizing service strategies.


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