5 Tips for Optimizing Your Resume

In August 9, 2016

Resumés show employers how well people understand their own fields, as well as how much they’ve grown and succeeded in them.


To help you create a document that will make a boss confident enough to say yes, here are some quick tips:


  1. Share your dream. Your ambition is usually the first thing they’re curious about. HandshakeWhat makes that the place for your dream job? An objective sentence summarizes your goal and how you think you can accomplish it.


  1. Don’t just mention your history, but describe it. Executives love seeing people with a lot of past experience in their field. However, just listing titles only proves you can remember lots of big words.


Go into detail about what you’ve done. Explain the tasks and the purposes for them.


  1. Offer “second, third and fourth opinions.” Sometimes it takes a comment from someone else to motivate you to try new music or food, right? Likewise, managers value other people’s opinions about applicants.


Try to think of three people you’ve worked under—or at least with—and write their contact info. Who has seen your talent and attitude? Some applicants request letters boasting about them.


  1. Give them something to observe. You know how to do a lot well, but how do you know? What tools have you used to develop and practice your skills?


Are you a great video editor because of your software experience? Are you a PR expert because you’ve worked extensively with producers? List specific strengths the job may call for.


  1. Get to the point. A passion for storytelling is admirable, but doing that on a résumé can make it a busy read. Describe your skills and experience concisely. What they really need to know is that you know you can do it.


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