The Basics of a Brewery

In August 8, 2016

Beer is the world’s third-most popular beverage today, often associated with dozens of leisurely activities that unite millions of people. It has often been used to complement the great flavors of gourmet food dishes and to celebrate exciting events as well.


Today, more than 2.4 million gallons of this drink is consumed annually among the fifty countries where it’s most popular.


The recipe for a beer starts with barley seeds, which are soaked in water for about 40 hours. Once the barley is fully ripened, it spends a while drying in a furnace.


The next step is to remove the outer shells so the sugar content can be ground up. This is usually done mechanically, using hot water in a water-tower-sized container. All the individual elements of each sugar are separated, melting into a sweet fluid that acts as a bottom layer.


After the sugar has been melted, it is boiled along with a bitter flower and sometimes popular food flavorings and/or additional sugars. The boiling process cooks any bacteria and solid properties out of the ingredients.


When that’s done, the water is separated from the flavoring ingredients for a quick cooling, upon which the beer can be carbonated for that crisp texture and taste the world loves. Finally, the beer spends a long time sitting in a tank as its taste becomes less sour and less overwhelming.


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