4 Tips for How to Keep Your Garbage From Smelling

In August 8, 2016

Since garbage is essentially materials that are useless to you, it’s bound to give off some disturbing odors. This could result in suffocation and even critical illness. In order to minimize the odds of that happening to you, here are a few ways to avoid those odors:



  • Dusting: 


Like any space that’s cluttered for long periods of time, a full trash can is able to pile up large amounts of dust. You’ve probably heard how dust can complicate breathing. If air isn’t free to flow, how can it help but become stagnant and musty?


  • Bleaching:


Most odors come from dangerous germs. Bleach is made with a small portion of a disinfecting chemical that can annihilate germs, making your receptacle safer to use and more tolerable to be near.


  • Drying:


You can prevent odors from even manifesting if you eliminate excess fluid leaking from a piece of trash before you throw it out. The more moisture present in the receptacle, the quicker germs can multiply.


  • Conserving:


Some pieces of packaging and such can be re-used for new tasks. For one cultural example, on the cartoon series King of the Hill, Hank Hill stored screws in an old mayonnaise jar.


Maybe if you keep your eyes and mind open, you’ll find your own creative new way to make an old scrap work for you.


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