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In August 5, 2016
Our Production Intern, Joe, enjoying his time working with social media.Joe Alfieri was an integral part of our social media department and aided in the revitalization of our social media management system, as well as assisted many of YPC Media’s clients!

Hopefully our first month of blog posts gave you a better idea of what we do at YPC Media and how we can help your business grow by establishing a strong online presence. Not only is the internet a necessity in today’s business world, but even more important are the people behind it!  We are proud of the fact that we grew by 28% in 2015 and that’s because of our people here at YPC Media.  Not only do we benefit from the talent of some of our seasoned veterans that have been here since we started in the year 2000, but we also benefit from the young, innovative minds that have interned with us this summer!  We are lucky to have had Joe Alfieri, Kaelin Richards, Brianna Dioguardi, Dan Burke, Alex Bowen, Kelly Trainor, and Matthew Graham working on some very cool projects, and even teaching us a thing or two!


Online Marketing Interns YPC Media’s Interns who worked on growing our Instagram account; Kaelin Richards, Brianna Dioguardi, and Dan Burke.

Our talented group of interns was divided between two departments, our YPC Tech department as well as the Production/Concierge department. The most interesting transformation that we saw this summer was in our own social media platforms.  While we love growing our customer’s online and social media presence, we realized that we needed a fresh perspective on our own social networking!  Nobody better to enlist for this task than recent college grads!  Kaelin, Brianna, and Dan got to work by instantly growing our Instagram account by posting photos, office polls, and interactive communications with our followers.  Joe helped in our social media department and assisted clients with the management of their social media. In addition, the interns gave our Facebook and Twitter profiles a fresh look with consistent posts and relevant content.   We’re happy to report that our likes, clicks, and followers are growing along with the rest of YPC Media!


Behind the scenes, we had plenty of fun “geek stuff” (as we like to call it) for Alex, Kelly, and Matthew to work on in our Tech Department.  Alex helped develop and improve our yellowpagecity.com application, or “App” for both Apple and Android devices…definitely something he will want to add to his resume!  Matt rolled up his sleeves and helped us make some improvements to our CRM program which is an integral part of our overall operation here at YPC Media.  Last but not least, Kelly assisted our tech department in developing our search functionality for our directory product, yellowpagecity.com.  We need to make sure that we’re making it easy for customers to connect with our directory advertisers and they’re finding the information they need quick and easy!


As the summer, and internships come to an end, we look to grow our organization through the talent and perspective of these innovative and talented young minds.  We believe in promoting from within, and that means continuing the work that some of these interns have started. Stay tuned for a huge announcement next week, and if you’re interested in knowing more about an internship at YPC Media, contact Naeema Morrow at nmorrow@ypcmedia.com.



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