Marina 101: The Basics

In August 2, 2016

Professional sailors, fishermen and others in this field, rely on big boats to accomplish their work, which means they need a lot of parking space when they’re not working. Fortunately, there’s a place the rather casual boaters can always expect to find plenty of room for themselves, and a little bit more.Boat


There are approximately 12,050 marinas around the U.S., which is one for every 1,851 small boats on average.


Like traditional docks, marinas function as areas for boats to be left hanging steadily while their owners are on land. However, these areas are reserved for small vessels used for recreational purposes.


For a little money, a non-professional sea traveler can pull in, get off, relax, and even freshen up their vessel a little bit. Places of this kind go beyond the basic sheltering purposes of older-fashioned docks; they provide quality care and fun.


Most marinas include stations and shops where boat equipment and repair/maintenance services are sold, so owners can restore, update and/or enhance their vessels while staying close by the waters.


Several even make it much simpler for boaters to access good meals very close to the sea, offering on-site restaurants. Essentially, the best marinas go all out to minimize the energy and time needed to keep oneself and one’s beloved leisure vehicle going strong.


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