Brief History of Septic Systems

In August 2, 2016

Geographic and economic conditions vary from place to place throughout the nation. Many regions don’t have multi-town sewage transportation networks available, so they have to establish their own exclusively regional systems.Septic Tank


One of the most crucial parts of these systems is a large tank which stores wastewater for decomposition and then sends it forward for cleansing. These tanks can last up to 50 years and usually require very little maintenance to continuously function.


It all started in the 1860s, when a French man named John Mouras connected some clay piping between his house and an open block of concrete. Much to his surprise, when he unhooked the clay a decade later, everything was melted.


Two years after Mouras got a patent for this innovation, word about it spread to America, where manufacturers set up vertical tubing systems so the waters could be cleared faster thanks mainly to the force of gravity.


Septic tanks started getting more appreciation as World War II destroyed most of the world’s traditional systems. Subsequently, government officials began discussing blueprints for piping systems that would evenly distribute wastewater on two sides for quicker and more thorough decay of solids.


It would take a couple more decades or so to perfect the tank as cities everywhere quickly added more residents, but with persistent research, manufacturers eventually figured out ways to make these machines adaptable to societal changes.


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