Benefits of Having Portable Toilets at Your Next party

In August 2, 2016

Frankly, everyone needs to relieve themselves eventually, but it’s not always easy to find a comfortable or convenient place to do so. Most public places have some fairly functional restrooms, but typically at least several of them are rather cramped and filthy.


However there are quite a few places that don’t have any whatsoever. Here are a couple benefits of getting a portable toilet for your next big event:


Portable Toilets

  • Economic stability:


A typical portable toilet costs $175 to $275 for a single use; about the same amount it takes per square foot to build a static public restroom. In other words if you go with the mobile, you’re saving builders precious money on construction and maintenance. As a result, they can spend more money and time on their basic needs and newer projects for the community.


  • Environmental health:


The average port-a-john uses about 2 percent less than the amount of water in general consumed by the average person in one day. That may not seem like much of a difference, but if you consider how little of the world’s water is safe for general use, those resource savings can really add up.


Also consider the fact that electricity is one of the biggest causes of suffocation and fever, being responsible for about 40 percent of America’s carbon dioxide emissions. Many mobile toilets use fluorescent lighting, which use fewer chemicals and can be recycled.


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