Why You Should Let the Pros Handle Your Laundry

In July 27, 2016

Most of the times dirt and filth gets on your clothing, you can remove it with a good wash at home. However, there are certain substances that can damage your clothes more rapidly if and when they get on them.Dry Clean Clothes


Acidic compounds, such as condiments and alcohol, have a way of eroding any surfaces they touch in a matter of minutes. Plus, there are certain clothing items that just aren’t made to endure an aggressive household machine or a ton of water. So leave it up to a professional dry-cleaner to make those special pieces perfectly neat and fresh again.


Dry cleaners start off by sorting everything they collect and identifying the specific issues. Then, if there are any stains, they apply a chemical solution to and lap them up with a rag. If the source of the stain was a liquid, water will be used. The clothing is then loaded into a large machine, which sprays it with even more solution and vacuums away all loose dirt, etc.


The next step, if necessary, is to handle any remaining marks with the same chemical and a steamer. A steamer is essentially a big iron built for delicate fabrics (green screens, curtains, etc.). This process is followed by the use of a smooth little stake to loosen the stain up a little. Cleaners will also try to loosen it with a brush, which squeezes the fabric.


Finally, the cleaner handles the important everyday task of ironing your clothes, recycling most of the solution to be vaporized and then absorbed by the items being cleaned.


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