A Brief History of Archery

In July 22, 2016

Archery is embraced by many as a very entertaining and athletic activity. It used to be a common way for people to catch prey and defeat other people threatening their property. People have (also) done it for generations to improve their physical strength and exercise their perception skills.Old Archer


It is believed that the bow originally came along 10 millennia ago, as the Middle Stone Age was approaching. Cave dwellers used it to defend themselves from enemies and kill animals for food.


Come 2800 BC, Egyptians made a bow from a combination of animal parts—such as horns and organs—and wood. Arrows shot from this device could travel about 130 feet and could easily poke through armor.


Guns would be the most popular weapon over the next few centuries, but many Asians preferred the superior subtlety and accuracy of arrows. For example, the Mongolian emperor Genghis Khan used laminated glass projectiles to kill most of the known world.


Archery’s image as a sporting activity dates back to the days of ancient Greece, when one enthusiast launched a tradition where cities throughout the nation played each other in numerous physical and mental challenges—a tradition known as the inspiration for the Olympics.


Competitors distantly aimed at birds which were tied to panels. The game would become a worldwide professional sport at the start of the 20th century, but each country had their own way of competing, which put it on hiatus after 20 years.


The hiatus lasted about 50 years before archery was accepted as an Olympic event again. Prior to that, a committee had developed a more clearly organized system for scoring and divisions of competition. Several countries approved of this, opening a door for new opportunities to play in a way that was fair and exciting for everyone.


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