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In July 15, 2016

If you missed our blog post last week, it talked about the importance of an online presence if your business is going to succeed and thrive in the future.  But how do you stay on top of the constantly evolving internet while you’re trying to run your business?  That’s what we’re here for!  At YPC Media, it’s our job to bring online solutions to small and medium sized businesses.


YPC started out as an online directory with only one product,  Our online directory mimicked the look of the traditional yellow pages delivering “the look you know, the results you need”.  Fast forward 16 years and we have evolved into a full service online marketing and sales organization, offering a variety of products to help you get noticed online!


So, where do you start?  Let’s begin with a popular term that you may have heard of called “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO” for short.  By definition it means “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.”  What search engines look for in determining how you are ranked is the following factors: accuracy of data, trustworthiness, and relevant information that people are looking for.


Our solution?  Business Listings Management.  We have products that will keep your business information consistent and up-to-date across hundreds of websites and directories on the internet.  Make sure you ask your YPC representative about a FREE “Smart Listings Scan” to review where your business IS and ISN’T listed accurately online.


Secondly, we’re sure you’ve heard of social media and how it has revolutionized not only how we communicate, but how we do business.  If you haven’t had time to set up your social media profiles, we can help with that too!  Ask about our “Extended Social Network” and you’ll be “liked”, “followed”, and “clicked on” before you know it!


Finally, we’ve taken to the next level by turning it into a VIDEO display ad directory, meaning our display ads are now accompanied by :30 second high definition videos!  This dynamic one-two punch will help ramp up your online presence through the power of video.


For questions or to learn more about all of YPC Media’s online products, contact your YPC Representative at 800-847-9760 and thank you for making YPC Media your “Total Online Solution”!


It’s important to have a powerful online presence for your business to be successful. YPC Media has the experience and expertise to help your business become more visible online. Let YPC Media, your full service marketing partner, take the wheel so you can get back to running your business!

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