Signs of Malfunctioning Copiers

In July 14, 2016

Copy machines, like other machines, can start to malfunction if they go too long without a refresh. After a while, a copier can penetrate its papers with thick stains of ink as they’re printing, making important sheets look awkward and unprofessional.Broken Copier


So keep an eye out for signs that your machine is wearing down. The biggest signs are:


  • Crevices in the screen
  • Grime on the screen
  • Spots on the screen
  • Powder marks on the card slot
  • Marks on the drum piece


If you see any of these, it may be cleaning time.


Start by cleaning off the screen with a spray-soaked cloth. If it’s cracked or scratched, it must be thrown out.


Next, test the machine by running a single piece of paper through it. If it still looks bad, take the ink card out and clean that off with a dry rag. If any of the powdered ink leaked out to the slot, vacuum it away.


The next step is to blow any rubble and such out of the machine with a spray can of compressed air. Then replace the ink and try the single-sheet test again.


If it fails, shut off any bright lights, take the ink out, and remove the copier drum with a rag. That same air spray should be enough to polish it up. If the drum is cracked or scratched, it should be tossed out.


Finally, put in a good drum and some new ink. All of that effort should be enough to get the copier machine working again.


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