Embroidery Techniques

In July 14, 2016

With a good needle and some flexible string, you can quickly add more life to your clothing, furniture Basket stitchand sheets. There is a wide array of different stitching patterns you can use to create your own unique decorations. Here are a few examples of simple embroidery stitching techniques to help you get started.


If you would like to write some thick letters or do a little shading, try the split stitch. Poke the needle through the surface in a straight line, then put it through the middle of that line and stitch a new one of the same length. Do this again several times, poking through the center of the newest line each time.


The running stitch is an easy way to create a perimeter to surround your image. You can do this by repeatedly pushing the needle and thread in and over the fabric. You can also push it in once and then pull it out.


To connect crevices of embroidered fabric to each other, you can try the ladder stitch. Pull the point out at the first crevice, then push through to the next, keeping the string hidden by the surface. Then go to the next crevice and do the same thing over and over again.


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