5 Tips for Working With Hydraulics

In June 28, 2016

Hydraulic equipment is ideal for any huge construction job; the fuel is long-lasting, it’s easier to use, and they’re very Hydraulic Presshard to damage. Here are a few tips for handling your hydraulic machinery so it can do its best work for you:


  1. Use a complex fuel that will easily stick:


Multi-grade fluids are popular for their ability to last and stay consistent throughout the year. This can save you good money and reduce physical stress on the job; a multi-grade liquid with a viscosity index in the 150-200 range can save you more than $10,000, over 240 gallons of fuel, and more than 5 days’ worth of work.


  1. Keep your machine cool:


Hydraulic machines can be very sensitive to high temperatures. Too much heat can extremely restrict your fuel flow, “dehydrating” your machine. Go beyond 179.6 degrees, and your equipment could break down.


  1. Don’t be over-protective:

Filters are great for controlling the power and behavior of something. But using too many can make it impossible for your machine to work or last. Avoid filtering the suction and the drainage; these parts need openings to keep your device uncluttered.

  1. Don’t rush to refresh:


Just like too many filters can wear your device down, re-filtering too often or too soon can wear you down. Let your equipment collect as much as possible before it overloads on air pressure. No need to measure; it’ll let you know when enough is enough.


  1. Back it up with a barrier:


Strong pipes will keep your hydraulic tool very clean on the inside, allowing it to “breathe” and keep running. Seamless steel is the ideal choice; it can hold tons of weight at once, and it’s usually not that expensive. Plus, it’s very deflective of chemicals that can burn and suffocate it.


Take care of your heavy duty machinery, and it will take care of you.


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