Brief History of Stamps

In June 24, 2016

People strongly desire honesty and entertainment from other people. A typical postage stamp delivers both.Old Stamp


Look on the top right-hand corner of an envelope you got, and you’re bound to find a little note confirming that the delivery service got its compensation for the sender’s use of it, and displaying a charming image of a cartoon character or a legendary artifact or person.


When the postal industry was young, it was extremely vulnerable to crafty theft. Because people were being charged large amounts for usage, senders conceived a way recipients could see what they wanted to communicate without having to open the mail—because the recipients were the ones charged.


Senders would write codes on the outside, which the people would read before discarding the envelope altogether. Noting how common this was, the British postal leader conceived a system that would assign a constant price to all usage while requiring a physical confirmation of payment—from the sender—be attached to each delivery. These confirmation pieces called “stamps” cost only 1 cent each.


The stamp system quickly became a multi-national norm, revered for its convenience when it came to saving time and money. Stamps also quickly became a common favorite home decoration.


The American industry, considering how prominent postage stamps were in everyday life, made ones to celebrate and remind the public of the nation’s most significant events and people unnecessary.


Their first of such depicted Christopher Columbus’ socially impactful voyage to America. Murdered presidents were honored on mail shortly after dying, and then came images of ordinary reform heroes and revolutionary pop culture figures.


In 2015, the U.S. Postal Service introduced stamps honoring the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas, a television special that had defied the creative traditions of its time and re-shaped many people’s perspectives on the holiday.


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