Brief History of Refrigerators

In June 24, 2016

In 1750s Scotland, the refrigerator was introduced in the form of a small machine that vaporized a flammable liquid by vacuum. In 1805, an American crExpensive Refrigeratorseated a similar refrigeration device that would eliminate heat immediately after collecting it. After being fired up once, this machine could perform all its work automatically.


Following a three-substance ice maker in 1854 and a water-based system in 1860, another American developed the original personal refrigerator in 1913, using an icebox as its base. Shortly after, an engineer eliminated the need to manually power the device, giving us the first refrigerator with electricity as its primary fuel.


A few more years, and we’d have a fridge that could keep things cool around the clock, taking heat from any external source within a certain distance.


Under normal conditions, food can’t linger around for very long before it starts to rot. It typically needs new energy to maintain a quality that is friendly to the tongue and the body in general.


A modern refrigerator unit is endlessly hunting high and low for energy to preserve what’s inside. To have one is to have a “hawk-eyed security guard” protecting your food 24/7.



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